Legends of Bahamoth

Fourth Times the Charm
except when everything goes to shit

The party set out after tieing up their loose ends in Silvertone. Heading towards the city of Mason, they were looking for passage down to the Dwarven city if Klan, The Holy Gate of the Dwarven Kingdom. However, they found a father looking for help with his cursed daughter, a goliath weapons master with an interesting shop, an elvish magician with an odd accent, and an orcish inn owner that maybe needs to work on his marketing.

As they tried to sort this rich cast of characters out, Ren was a bit of a tit and ran off, getting into trouble with the law and generally setting the party up for misery later on.

When Wolves Attack
Except they're panthers

The party went into a very confusing and obviously magical ass tower which turned out to be a lighthouse inhabited by a friendly Lich and his buddy Richie.

Though the tower was long and hard, our brave heroes prevailed solving a fuck ton of puzzles and kicking some serious armored ass…sort of.

After they cleared the dungeon, they went back to town. Ren found out that his remaining friends in the Blood Hunter Order were searching for other remnants of their shattered family, some to help, some to kill.

While Ri tried and failed miserably to eavesdrop, Ren also was told that Kreelath was ready to help him undergo The Taming.

After a long, desperate night, Ren forced the beast within into submission and gained limited control of the bestial curse running through his blood.

Well Damn...
Seriously, just...damn.

The town was flooded by Blood Hunters in the aftermath of the events of the previous sessions. At first, they seemed like they were there to help, but after Kreelath exposed them the party found out they were to take over the town and take Tom into their custody.

After an intense and emotional battle, the party survived the slaughter at Castra, at least physically.

The next day, they were introduced to Gond, a gnome claiming to be a good. Gond told them that the gods were turning to black magic in order to regain their lost power, and the blood cult the captured Tom was just the start of their machinations in the mortal realm.

The Throwing Together of the Party
A group of adventurers so different no cause had any hope of uniting them...except kids apparently.

It was another simple day in Silvertone, and three very different adventurers were planning on taking advantage of that peace when trouble came knocking on their door…

well, really trouble knocked on the towns door and they happened to be there at the right ti…

Anyway! A cult of strange fanatics kidnapped a young boy, also they killed one of the towns Sheriffs which was pretty shitty too but no one seems to care bout that. The three unlikely (or in the case of Ray the Blood Hunter very likely since this is exactly what he’s trained to do) heroes tracked down the cult. After a tough (for two of them at least) fight and a serious of unfortunate events involving some scribbles on the ground, and the help of two strange allies, the team managed to invade the layer of the cult.

They got there just in time to watch Tom, the kidnaped child, rescue himself.

For some reason, the rituals intended to turn Tom into a mindless death machine instead gave him incredible, if dangerous, magical power. The group returned Tom to his mother and began planning the town’s defense against further cult attacks.

After a few days recovering, the two strange allies, a tiefling bard and a mysterious gnomish fighter, asked the party to go back to Castle Castra, the lair of the cult. There they found several strange things, and managed to begin the process of lifting the curse that had attracted the cult.

After everything that had happened, the odd threesome had actually started to form a bond of…freindship? Maybe? I guess we’ll see.

A Call in the Dark

Three unlikely strangers were pulled together by fate in defense of the city of Silverton. Ri, a wandering assassin in search of lost family. Nan, an engineer in search of the ultimate discovery. Ren, a hunter of monsters looking for a kill. These three loose strands of fate were joined together into a single thread of destiny when they banded together to bring a child back from the dark.

Tom, an innocent young man from an outlying village, was kidnapped by a cult with sinister purposes. The party rescued him, but not before he had been imbued with some form of dark sorcery.

Ren sent word to his order of monster hunters, and they prepared for a long investigation into what new forces were working in the world. What they found was a dark secret about Rens adopted family. Scile was working with the cult to make soldiers super-powered by evil magic. After a bloody battle, the party and their allies threw down Scile and his ilk.

After this, they spent some time recuperating and exploring local points of interest, they left the city of Silverton for Mason and passage to their ultimate goal, the Dwarven Kingdom.


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